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News A.I.-Themed Westworld Video Features New Footage, Asks Big Questions

News Bot Oct 12, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    HBO has released a cool new video for its sci-fi/western Westworld in which the show's creators and stars talk about the "reality of A.I" and how humanity may face the questions the show poses sooner rather than later.

    In Westworld, people can pay to visit a highly sophisticated amusement park of sorts populated by incredibly lifelike robots known as Hosts. Since there are no consequences (or are there?), guests can do whatever they want to the Hosts--and not all of this is pleasant. Even though the Hosts are not human, at what point will guests--and viewers--begin to connect with them and care about their fates? That's one question the show asks and this video touches upon.

    Creator Jonathan Nolan also points out how gamers don't think twice about hitting the power button on their console when they are done with a session. But what if the NPCs of a game didn't shut off and possibly remembered their experiences? That's another question put forth in the video.

    Lisa Joy, Westworld's other creator, says in the video that our world today is already filled with artificial intelligence, which has been increasing in sophistication rapidly over the years.

    "We're already living in a world of artificial intelligence," she said. "You're not seeing a robot, you're seeing a smartphone. You think, 'Well, this is just a small leap, a small advance.' But if you look at everything in aggregate, we are moving towards a place where we've uploaded our lives and our thoughts. There is a cost to that."

    You may also notice that this video also contains some new Westworld footage not seen in the first two episodes. There is one particularly striking sequence when the face of a boy host comes apart, revealing his robot nature.

    Westworld Season 1 debuted on October 2. According to a report, 3.3 million people watched the first episode. Episode 2, "Chestnut," was released early, possibly to avoid a clash with the second Presidential debate.

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