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News Avengers Director Wants to Make a Star Wars Movie

News Bot Oct 21, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Joss Whedon directed two of the biggest superhero movies of all time, and now wants to turn his hand to Star Wars. The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron director has been speaking has been speaking about his experience working with Marvel, and about how he feels about branching out to other franchises.


    Speaking to Complex, Whedon explained that he enjoyed working within established universes, and Star Wars was high on his to-do list. "It's a fun thing to do, to put yourself in the service of something if you think you can add an interpretation," he said. "It's no different than any other storytelling. There are some times when you get micro-managed to death but with Marvel, they let me make two movies that were very much mine. So do I want to make James Bond movie? Yeah. Anne Hathaway does Catwoman again? Sure, I'm in.

    "Do I want to make a Star Wars movie? Yeah. I was like, 'I don't want to make a Star Wars movie. Like, god dammit, why?' But I saw the trailer for Rogue One a while ago and I was like, 'I want to do that.' To make a Star Wars movie and not be wed to the bigger picture."

    Whedon had previously spoken about his interest in directing The Force Awakens, before realising that he wouldn't have time to make that film as well as Avengers: Age of Ultron. "When I heard that I was like, 'I wonder… no, I really can't do that. I already have a job.'" he told CNN in 2013. "I wouldn't clear the Avengers. I’m having so much fun with that sequel right now, just with the script, that I couldn't imagine not doing it."

    Despite the director's comments about not being "micro-managed" by Marvel, he has in past been a little less positive about his experience on Age of Ultron. Last year Whedon revealed the creative battles he had with Marvel executives over certain sequences in the film. "The dreams, the farmhouse, these were not the things [the executives liked]," he told the Empire podcast. "These are things I fought to keep.

    "With the cave, they pointed a gun at the farm's head and said, 'Give us the cave or we'll take out the farm'. You know, in a civilized way. And I respect these guys, they're artists, but that's when it got really, really unpleasant. I was so beaten down at that point I was like, 'Sure, okay. What movie is this?'"

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