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Civilization 6 Preorders Come With Early Access to Another Civ

News Bot Jul 21, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    2K and Firaxis have revealed another of the playable civilizations in Civilization VI, but this is one you'll have to wait to try for yourself unless you preorder.
    The Aztecs, led by Montezuma I, are the newest civ we're getting a look at. Their unique features sound pretty interesting--their exclusive unit, the Eagle Warrior, can turn defeated units into Workers. This feeds nicely into a special feature that Aztec Workers have that speeds up the construction of districts.

    The Aztecs also receive additional bonuses from luxury resources that provide additional power to their military units. Their unique building, the Tlachtli, is a part of the entertainment complex and provides amenities, faith, and points toward spawning a Great General.
    Finally, Firaxis showed off a new wonder, the Huey Teocalli, an Aztec pyramid. The bonuses for building one weren't shared, but you can see what it looks like in the gallery below.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Those who preorder Civilization VI will receive access to the Aztecs on launch day, October 21. Anyone who doesn't will still get to play as them, but they'll have to wait an additional 90 days before being able to do so.
    Civilization VI makes a major change in unstacking its cities; no longer do you build most everything on a single tile. You can see more of what sets the game apart in our chat with Firaxis, or watch Sean Bean narrate a lovely overview of the game. You can also look forward to the new theme song, which is being written by Christopher Tin, the composer of Civilization IV's theme, "Babu Yetu."


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