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Tutorial Downloading & Installing Wii U Games, Setting up CFW, Installing Haxchi

MattKimura Nov 13, 2016

  1. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

    If you're new to Wii U hacks and want to know what to use for downloading games, DLC, etc, this'll be a quick guide on how it's done. We'll be using one of two different tools that I personally enjoy using. I'll show you how to use each program, use the one that suits you best.
    I'll also show you how to install the games, setup CFW, and install Haxchi. Overall this is a noobie guide to Wii U hacks, not needed if you know what you're doing already.
    Follow each section up to section VI and by the end you'll be all set with the latest Wii U hacks

    Bookmark this page as a reference and share with others who need it
    Feel free to stop by our Discord channel for help and discussions:

    Guide updated January 9th, 2017
    * Added WUP Installer GX2 in section II
    * Updated Mocha to 0.2
    * Edited Haxchi's config.txt to add WUP Installer GX2
    * Touched up some text here and there, removed irrelevant info

    What you need:
    • Wii U on 5.5.1 firmware
    • SD card (At least 16 GB, the bigger the better)
    • Good internet or a lot of patience
    • A USB storage device such as an external HDD
      (A SD card + USB adapter also works)

    Setup Files
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**
    ! Before you proceed, download this zip and extract everything to your SD card. Replace if necessary
    This will save you time with file work and keeps you ready for the steps below


    I. Downloading Games

    Wii U USB Helper

    For Windows only

    Credit: Hikari06 from GBAtemp
    You can find the official thread here

    This app is fancy when it comes to downloading Wii U/Eshop/VC games and DLC. It uses wiiu.titlekeys.com to look for games with tickets (Known as legit games which don't need CFW to run), and games with titlekeys (Known as CFW games since you need CFW to run them).
    This program also notifies you when a game has an existing game update and allows you to add it to the queue list along with your games.

    Download it HERE


    1) Install the exe file and launch it
    2) It'll ask for your region, enter the region of your system
    3) It'll ask for a location to find tickets. At the very bottom, type in wiiu.titlekeys.com
    4) The interface will show up, simply choose a game and click "Get it". When you're done adding games to the queue, choose "Download Game(s)"
    Note: Legit games refer to games that don't need CFW to run, while CFW Games simply need CFW to run
    5) Once it finishes downloading, insert your SD card into your computer
    6) Click "Copy to SD" and it will copy the game to an install folder on your SD card automatically
    (Feel free to add multiple games at a time since WUP Installer GX2 can batch install everything)

    Tip: you can add a shortcut to this program manually by going to start > all applications > Wii U USB Helper, (Drag it to your desktop)


    For Windows, Mac, and Linux

    Credits: Cearp & dojafoja from GBATemp
    You can find the original thread HERE

    This app also is useful for downloading Wii U, Eshop, VC, and DLC. It will download the games using the title keys or ticket from wiiu.titlekeys.com like Wii U USB Helper.
    To use DLC, Eshop, or VC games, you must use CFW (Custom Firmware, also known as IOSU). You can either use RedNAND or SysNAND to run CFW.
    The availability of DLC, Eshop, VC games depends on what's on wiiu.titlekeys.com. Users who buy the game/DLC can dump it's ticket and title key and add it to the site, so you'll have to wait until more and more content is added to the site. It's a growing database, with already plenty added to it.

    Download it HERE

    1) Install Python 2.7
    2) Extract the Funkii-UI folder from the zip to your computer then run gui.py (Linux users may need to install tkinter module)
    3) Navigate to the Download tab, and uncheck all the boxes except for the region you want
    4) Where it says Selection, use the drop down box to choose your game or type something and it will autocomplete
    5) Click on Add to list
    If it shows "Online ticket: YES" this means that this game can be launched without CFW
    6) Now click on Download. The Command line window will show the progress of the download
    7) The Game/Update/DLC should download into the Funkii-UI folder, in a folder called install. Copy this install folder to your SD card root

    II. Installing Games

    Note: The game,update, or DLC you downloaded must go into

    1) Put your SD into your Wii U and launch the browser
    2) Go to http://loadiine.ovh/550/HBLK
    3) Homebrew Launcher will load up, choose WUP Installer GX2 from the list
    4) Scroll through the list and tap the games you want to install. You can also choose "Select all"
    5) Choose Install, then select whether you want to install the game to the system or to a USB storage device
    6) Once it's done installing you can press HOME to exit to Homebrew Launcher then HOME again to exit to Mii Maker. Tap the X on the lower left corner to exit to the home menu. Your game should be on the home menu ready to play


    When you try to install a game, you may come across an error. in most cases you won't. But here are some common ones:

    error mcp_installgetinfo 0xFFFBF3E2
    You need to rename the folder for the game so that it doesn't include any special characters like the tm logo for example.
    EX: install/Mario ™/

    Error You need sig patches to install
    This clearly tells you what's wrong, it means that CFW isn't running and you're trying to install Eshop, VC, or DLC but don't have CFW running.

    Large game installs up to 70-80% and fails, says bad SD card
    The solution is to Delete the game off the SD card and re-add it. Try formatting before re-adding the game (Be sure it's FAT32)

    Failed to get .tik info. Bad ticket?
    This occurs when you have a bad .tik file. Try redownloading the game's ticket with something like FunkiiU which has a ticket-only mode

    III. Setting up CFW

    Custom firmware can enable signature patches to your home menu which allows you to use unsigned content such as DLC, eshop games, and VC games. Content that you can never have access to unless you have legit tickets for them. The Custom firmware is temporary until you shut down the console. You'll have to boot up the Custom firmware after each coldboot before you can enjoy DLC, Eshop games, or VC games that you installed. Using Custom firmware on SysNAND is safe as long as you're not installing system titles. You can also setup what's known as RedNAND, an emulated version of your system. But for this tutorial I will show you how to boot CFW on SysNAND as it's much more convenient to use.

    Note: If you haven't added the starter files to your SD card already, it can be found at the top of the guide.

    1) Extract the files from the zip onto your SD card, replace if any exists
    2) Put the SD into the WiiU, go to system settings. Under power settings, disable "Standby function" and "Quickstart menu". This can cause problems with IOSU down the line.
    3) Launch the browser on the WiiU and go to http://loadiine.ovh/550/HBLK to launch Homebrew Launcher
    4) Choose Mocha and it will bring you to a one-time-only configuration menu. Scroll down and change "Skip this menu on launch" to yes. Then press (A)
    5) The gamepad screen will display Mocha CFW then return to home menu, but with IOSU signature patches enabled

    From here you can install DLC, Eshop games, and VC games using WUP Installer GX2 as usual, by loading Homebrew Launcher (from loadiine.ovh/550/HBLK again) and choosing WUP Installer GX2.

    Note: If you ever need the config menu again, launch mocha and immediately start holding (B)

    Other info about CFW
    • You need to launch Mocha CFW each time you turn on your Wii U to enable IOSU patches before you can use DLC, Eshop games, VC, or Wii VC.

    • When you try to launch a Eshop game or any game with DLC without enabling CFW, you'll just get a popup message about it not having the correct NNID. Nothing to worry about, just launch CFW and enjoy.

    • If you get a black screen either from launching CFW or Homebrew Launcher, it's always because of your SD card. It's either not formatted to FAT32, you need to reinsert it and try again, or your SD is faulty and no longer works.

    • It's completely safe for as long as you're only installing games, DLC, updates, etc. Just don't try installing system titles, stick to the usual stuff!

    • Don't try to install SysConfigTool, it's unsafe and can lead to bricking

    • Region free is enabled by default when you boot up CFW!
    • Every user on your system can boot into CFW and play the same DLC content under their own save files, so be sure to take advantage of user accounts!

    IV. Setting up Haxchi

    Haxchi is a vulnerability in DS virtual console games. Once installed on your DS VC game, it acts as a shortcut to practically any homebrew app you can think of. But most importantly, it can boot up CFW just by simply launching it. Each button can be tied to a specific homebrew app so if you hold that button, it will boot up that app. It's basically like a Homebrew Channel overall. You must get a DS VC game from Eshop legitimately, you can't install a pirated DS VC and use Haxchi. Any game works, so pick the cheapest game you can find. Brain Age is the cheapest. Dr Kawashima is usually free in Europe.

    If you haven't added the starter files to your SD card already, it can be found at the top of the guide.
    Note 2: Unplug any USB devices before proceeding to prevent a random freeze that may occur after it installs

    1) Buy any DS VC game from Eshop (Preferably Brain Age)
    2) Be sure you install the game to the system. If it isn't, move it over to the system storage
    3) Launch Homebrew Launcher from the browser (http://loadiine.ovh/550/HBLK) and choose Appstore
    4) Go to Tools and download Haxchi, then press HOME to exit
    5) Launch Haxchi
    6) Press (A) on the DS VC game then press (A) again to install Haxchi over it. (If you get stuck on a white screen, turn it off and try again)

    It will reboot to the home menu when it's done and you can launch haxchi.

    By default it will load up Homebrew Launcher. If you hold A while launching Haxchi, it will boot up CFW which includes signature patches and region free. Holding B while launching it will load WUP Installer GX2.

    V. Block Automatic System Updates

    System updates can download and install in the background against your will. So if Nintendo were to suddenly release a new update, the only way to protect yourself is by blocking their update servers. By applying a specific DNS setting, you can be completely safe from updates. Updating can lead to patched exploits so you won't be able to enjoy any hacks! This is very important, you absolutely need to do this asap!

    Note: While this is enabled you won't be able to update games or enter Eshop. Download game updates with one of the two programs above and install them manually with WUP Installer GX2.

    1) Go to System Settings
    2) Go to internet settings, touch connections on the top right, then choose your connection
    3) Go to change settings, then scroll to the right
    4) Choose DNS and set it to not auto obtain
    5) Set the primary as and the secondary as (For EUR users, use for secondary)
    (This comes from this DNS server HERE )
    6) Save the connection setting, no need to test it after

    VI. Setting up Haxchi Coldbooting

    FIX94 released his own version of coldbooting called CBHC (Coldbooting Haxchi). This works by making Haxchi the first title that boots up at system startup. This can immediately enable CFW as soon as you boot up the console. It even offers a nice little boot menu at console startup. You can uninstall it at anytime so it's not permanent. It's completely optional, you can do just fine with just haxchi alone. You don't have to setup coldbooting haxchi, it's just a small bonus. If you have an older coldbooting method installed, uninstall it before installing this one. This requires that you've installed Haxchi already.

    Read this section very carefully, if you get one thing wrong, your Wii U is history. It's very easy to setup coldbooting, but can also be easy to mess up if you don't follow directions. I've tested this myself and it works perfect. I'll prepare you so that you won't need to worry. You'll need to follow and remember a set of rules while using coldbooting. Refer to the Official CBHC thread for more info

    Do NOT uninstall Haxchi after installing coldbooting
    Do NOT move haxchi to USB storage after installing coldbooting
    Do NOT continue using coldbooting without setting up a DNS to block system updates
    Do NOT install coldbootng if you never tested Haxchi at least once to see if it works
    Do NOT install coldbooting if you have your Haxchi installed to USB storage

    Note: If you haven't added the starter files to your SD card already, it can be found at the top of the guide.

    1) Take Haxchi and drag it to the very last page of the home menu and never touch it after that. Do the same for each user account if you have any other
    Note: Be sure you're not running Mocha CFW at this point!
    2) Launch Haxchi to get into Homebrew Launcher
    3) Launch Appstore and go to Tools. Download CBHC
    4) Press HOME to exit Appstore
    5) Launch CBHC and press (A) on your DS VC game, then (A) again to install coldbooting (Think twice before pressing (A) the second time, read the rules above and be sure you're following each of them. Haxchi MUST be on system storage!)

    You now have coldbooting setup. You can test it by turning the console off then back on. You'll be greeted with a menu where you can select what you want. I recommend setting System Menu as the autoboot option. If you ever wanted to get back to this menu in the future, press HOME while it says Autobooting when you first turn it on.

    The last thing you want to do is install Homebrew Launcher Channel. This way we can have a way to use Homebrew Launcher and leave the DS VC to coldbooting. If you wanted to, you can install a different DS VC game (Not the same game used for coldbooting!) and setup a secondary haxchi. But that can be risky if you install haxchi to the DS VC that's using coldbooting. For most users, I recommend Homebrew Launcher Channel.

    1) Download Homebrew Launcher Channel
    2) Extract the zip into a folder called homebrew launcher Channel. Place this folder into SD:/install/
    3) Boot up your console and have it autoboot into System Menu via CBHC
    4) Launch the browser and go to loadiine.ovh/550/HBLK
    5) Launch WUP Installer GX2 and install Homebrew Launcher Channel to USB or system (Preferably system)
    6) Press HOME to exit
    Note: You need signature patches to use Homebrew Launcher Channel. But since your system autoboots with signature patches, it's no problem

    Updating CBHC (Coldboot Haxchi)

    To update CBHC, simply run the installer again and reinstall it over the old installation.

    Other tutorials

    Hack vWii without a required game (Installing Homebrew Channel)

    Don't forget that your Wiiu also has a Wii built into it! It's possible to install Homebrew Channel in Virtual Wii without a required game, thanks to FIX94.
    There's four main reasons to hack vWii
    1. Can play Wii backups
    2. Can play Gamecube Backups
    3. Can play emulators
    4. Can play Virtual Console and Wiiware games

    Follow my guide HERE


    Using PS4/PS3/PS2 controllers via USB (Emulates Gamepad)

    You can emulate your gamepad by using a PlayStation controller instead. This is useful if you don't want to spend $40 on an official pro controller and just want a remote to play games with period. This is done by launching a homebrew app called HID to VPAD, which enables your PlayStation controller to be used when plugged in through USB. You need the gamepad to be on while using this!

    1) Launch Homebrew Launcher from the browser as usual and launch the Appstore
    2) Scroll down the list and get "HID TO VPAD"
    3) Press HOME to exit the appstore and choose HID TO VPAD
    4) Plug in your PlayStation controller into your Wii U's front USB
    5) Try the controller out to see if it moves anything on your home menu

    You can now play games with your controller without the gamepad. Repeat steps 4 - 6 each time you turn your system on.

    Note: To use a PS2 controller, you must have a USB adapter for it. You also need to download this .ini file HERE
    Place the PS2 .ini file in SD:/wiiu/controller/
    (Make the controller folder yourself)

    It may be helpful to use an app called Padcon along with HID To VpaD, to turn off the gamepad's screen while you play.


    Using RetroArch and Retro_Launcher (Emulators)

    RetroArch has officially arrived on WiiU, which allows for emulation of many past generation systems right on the Wiiu. They not only play fullspeed, but it's fullscreen both on the gamepad and TV screen. I'll show you how to get RetroArch, then I'll show you how to set up Retro_Launcher with Haxchi, which is a useful way to get instant access to all RetroArch emulator cores by holding one button while launching Haxchi

    Download this RetroArch starter pack and add the files to your SD card. It includes Retro_Launcher with these emulator cores: Snes9x 2010, fceumm, Genesis Plus GX, Gambette, mgba, and prboom
    You can add more emulators by putting their folder into wiiu/retro/

    1) Start by adding ROMS on your SD card. Can be placed anywhere
    2) Hold (L) while launching Haxchi until Retro_Launcher comes up. Considering you're using my Haxchi config
    3) Once in Retro_Launcher, choose the emulator you want to use
    4) Choose Load Content then browse for your roms on your SD card. The game will start up and you can play
    Warning: Never choose Load Content>Collections. It results in a DSI Exception error screen!

    When you quit RetroArch, it will return you to Retro_Launcher so you can launch another RetroArch emulator core. If you wanted to get into Homebrew Launcher, you can select it from within Retro_Launcher.


    Q: Why am I getting a black screen when launching Haxchi or Homebrew Launcher?
    A: There's multiple reasons for this, and it has to do with your SD card. It's either not formatted as FAT32, it's not being read and needs to be reinserted, or the SD is overall dead.

    Q: Once I launch CFW, is it permanent?
    A: No it's only temporary until you shut it off. Every time you turn it on you have to enable CFW before you can play Eshop games, VC, or DLC. Just launch Haxchi for easy access. Or use Coldbooting Haxchi to enable CFW on boot up.

    Q: Can I install for example, a EUR game on my USA system?
    A: Yes but you must be in CFW when you install it and play it, since CFW is region free.

    Q: Can I use multiple different USB drives on the same Wii U?
    A: Yes but all of them will be tied to that system. Therefore you can't use it for anything else and have to dedicate it to your Wii U completely.

    Q: Can I install the game to my USB drive, then install the DLC on internal memory and be able to use it?
    A: No everything must be together on the same storage. The game, save, and DLC must all be together in order to function

    Q: Can I upgrade my USB drive to a bigger one?
    A: Yes but all the games are stuck on the old USB drive so you're better off continuing to use the old one while also using the new one for other games

    Q: After applying the DNS setting to block system updates, why can't I access Eshop or download game updates?
    A: This is because the DNS is blocking Nintendo's servers. Use NNUPatcher to temporarily allow acces to Eshop and game updates while still blocking system updates.

    Q: While using DNS to block system updates, can I still play online?
    A: Yes, the DNS setting only blocks system updates, Eshop, and game updates.

    Q: Can I remove my SD card while running CFW?
    A: Yes you can

    Q: When I launch a game, why does it tell me something about an incorrect NNID?
    A: This means that signature patches are not enabled and you need to run CFW. Boot up Homebrew Launcher and launch Mocha CFW
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017 at 5:50 PM
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  2. joserenatofb

    joserenatofb New Member

    Can i remove the DLC from the install folder after it as been installed?
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  3. tomhanks69

    tomhanks69 Active Member

    if nintendo throws us a new update, will it render the games we already have installed unusable?
    konnichi and gilby like this.
  4. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

    Nope unless you install a game with a legit ticket, it will survive the update. But games without a legit ticket (DLC, eshop games) you wont be able to use them anymore.
    paniman, wigge and tomhanks69 like this.
  5. tomhanks69

    tomhanks69 Active Member

    Bravo! thats what i like to hear :) bummer about dlc, vc, and other eshop games of course. but those are the things that arent too draining to purchase anyway
    Jall likes this.
  6. joserenatofb

    joserenatofb New Member

    Can i remove the DLC from the install folder after it as been installed?
  7. tomhanks69

    tomhanks69 Active Member

  8. jediaviator

    jediaviator Member

    The homebrew was working for me earlier this week. Now I am trying to boot it and I am getting a "SD mount failed" Any way I can fix this?
    Disregard. Just needed to reformat it
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2016
  9. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

  10. mspeter97

    mspeter97 New Member

    I have one question.
    Let's say I have a game on disc, and in the system memory I have updates, safe files and DLC data.
    If I install the main game, does it pick up the updates DLCs (I bought them), save & the rest?
  11. tomhanks69

    tomhanks69 Active Member

  12. ChrisPreTend

    ChrisPreTend New Member

    Help. My DLC Files become corrupt after installing, playing, turning off the wii u, and then turning it on later
  13. tomhanks69

    tomhanks69 Active Member

    Every time you turn off your console, you must return to homebrew launcher and re enable cfw
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  14. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

    Guide updated
  15. jediaviator

    jediaviator Member

    How do you restore your Wii U games' save data?
  16. starwolf0007

    starwolf0007 New Member

    cfw is not available anymore!
  17. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

    I added a download at the beginning of the post called Wii U Starter Files. This has all the files needed for every section including CFW.

    I'm actively editing the post, sorry about the sudden changes
  18. Dopey The Gemini

    Dopey The Gemini New Member

    Will I be able to install the homebrew launcher channel on my system menu using this?
  19. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

    If you mean Homebrew Launcher Channel v2.0, yes. But I have literally no experience with it as I see no point in using it when you can just use Haxchi.
  20. Tweek

    Tweek New Member

    So on the CFW part, when it says to launch Homebrew Launcher and choose SigPatcher2SysMenu. Well, it doesn't show up here and I double checked if I pasted that on the SD card and everything.
    Idk if what I'm going to say has anything to do with it but I did something in the past to play Smash with DLC, tho all I remember from that is that I had to redo the thing again but it was everytime I closed the game not turned off the wii u, maybe I have this SigPatcher2SysMenu thing already working?
    Is this a process to avoid doing that thing through CMD? Cause I had done that before trying this cause I was unsure if that was needed.
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