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Tutorial Dumping Wii U Games with DDD - Basic Guide

HerptyDerpty Jul 18, 2016

  1. HerptyDerpty

    HerptyDerpty Chaos Contributor Staff Member Super Uploader


    Forgot to move this over to the site. It is VERY basic, if you have difficulties... try this guide by @JohnathanMonkey.

    All you need is the following...
    1. PC/Windows
    2. A Wii U
    3. Internet
    4. Patience

    (Also to be noted... make sure all the power saver stuff is turned off within your Wii U system settings and to allow Title Dumper through your firewall when it asks you)

    I'll be dumping the incredibly average strategy game 'Swords & Soldiers II' following this guide!

    Step 1.
    Download DDD for Wii U and copy it to the apps folder on your sd card
    Download Title Dumper for Windows and create a folder for it, put the app in it.

    Step 2.
    In the folder you've placed Title Dumper in, shift+right click and choose 'Open Command Window Here'

    Type the following into the command window:

    Title dumper is now waiting for the OK signal from the Wii U.

    Step 3.
    Start DDD from the Homebrew channel and you'll see this...

    Insert the IP address of the computer (not your public IP btw) that you are using Title Dumper on. Once you have done that... choose A to start dumping from a disc or X to return to the system menu. As I'm dumping an eShop game I'm choosing X and then all I do is select the game I want to dump from the Wii U menu!


    The magic commences. The Wii U will stay on the launch screen until the game dump is completed. If you are dumping from a disc, once the game has reached the title screen, press the 'Home' button and wait on that menu, the meta will start dumping, wait until all the files are completed. Close down title dumper when it's finished.

    If you are dumping a eShop/Digital game when the game reaches the title screen, hit the home button and return to the Wii U Menu....

    Step 4 (for digital titles)

    Wait for 15-30 seconds on the Wii U Menu and the meta folder should start dumping. When it's finished, close down title dumper on your PC.

    Step 5
    Your dumped files will be located in the first directory of your PC's HD.


    Inside the folder there should be another folder with 3 further folders 'code, content & meta' (and sometimes 'save', which I remove, it's not needed) rename that folder and add the title ID for the game. It's found in the 'meta.xml' in the meta folder. You get the ID from the following...

    (Last four digits of product code + last two digits of company code = [BS2PRG])

    You should now have a folder called 'My Swag Game [TITLE1]' with three folders inside of it 'code/content/meta'.

    Step 6.
    Copy the folder to the games folder on your SD Card, open Loadiine GX2 and away you go.

    Last edited: Jul 18, 2016

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