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eshop / WiiU : 3D Covers

mitcha Jun 29, 2016

  1. mitcha

    mitcha Active Member

    sorry but i can do anything right now , vacation until september

    Hi all, i will share here my created eshop covers an some WiiU covers too.

    -The covers are high resolution with 320*530 px

    -Latest Update : 15/07/2016

    -Number of Covers (eshop & WiiU) : 289

    -Surprise here : VC Turbografx 16 (PC Engine) : i will update this too
    For those covers i just add the virtual console logo and eshop logo too (the covers are not made by me).

    -Some Examples :

    -To easily Checking For Updates ! Take A Look :


    -Last 3 Add eshop : Mighty Swith Force 2, The Letter, ZaciSa : Defense of the Crayon Dimension

    -Last 3 Add WiiU : Paper Mario Color Splash, Rabbids Land, Yo-Kai Watch Dance

    -Link :
    -The Eshop Covers List :

    -8 Bit Hero
    -99 Moves
    -99 Seconds
    -1001 Spikes
    -Adventures of Pip
    -Affordable Space Adventures
    -Amiibo Tap
    -Another World : 20th Edition
    -Art Academy
    -Art of Balance
    -Ascent of Kings
    -Asdivine Hearts
    -AVGN : Angry Video Game Nerd
    -A World of Keflings
    -B3 Game Expo for Bees
    -Batman Blackgate
    -Bigley's Revenge
    -Bit Trip Runner 2
    -Block Drop U
    -Blocky Bot
    -Bombing Bastards
    -Chasing Aurora
    -Chasing Dead
    -Child of Light
    -Chompy Chomp Chomp Party
    -Christmas Adventure of Rocket Penguin
    -Chronicles of Teddy
    -Citizens of Earth
    -Coaster Crazy Deluxe
    -Color Zen
    -Color Zen Kids
    -Cube Life Island Survival
    -Dart UP
    -Dont Crash
    -Dont Starve
    -Dr Luigi
    -Ducktales Remastered
    -Dungeons & Dragons : Chronicles of Mystara
    -Electronic Super Joy
    -Eliot Quest
    -F1 Race Stars : Powered UP Edition
    -Family Tennis SP
    -Fast Racing Neo
    -Flowerworks HD :Follie's Adventures
    -Freedom Planet
    -Freeze Me
    -Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams
    -Gravity Badgers
    -Grumpy Reaper
    -Guacamelee : Super Turbo Championship Edition
    -Gunman Clive : HD Collection
    -How to Survive
    -Human Ressource Machine
    -Ice Cream Surfer
    -Infinity Runner
    -Inside My Radio
    -Ittle Dew
    -Jett Tailfin
    -Knytt Underground
    -KungFu Rabbit
    -Life of Pixel
    -Little Inferno
    -Lone Survivor : Director Cut
    -Lost Reavers
    -Luv Me Buddies Wonderland
    -Mario VS Donkey Kong : Tipping Stars
    -Master Reboot
    -Master System Injection
    -MeMe Run
    -Midnight 2
    -Mighty Swith Force : Hyper Drive Edition
    -Mighty Swith Force 2
    -Mini Mario & Friends : Amiibo Challenge
    -Monkey Pirates
    -Mutant Mudds
    -Mutant Mudds : Super Chalenge
    -Nano Assault Neo
    -Nesremix 2
    -Never Alone
    -Octodad Dadliest Catch
    -Oddworld : New 'n' Tasty
    -Olympia Rising
    -Paper Mosnters Recut
    -Penta Puzzle
    -Pier Solar
    -Pixel Slime
    -PixelJunk Mosters
    -Pokemon Rumble
    -Pullbox World
    -Pumped BMX Plus
    -Pure Chess
    -Puyo Puyo Tetris
    -Puzzle Monkeys
    -QUBE : Director's Cut
    -Race The Sun
    -Reptilian Rebellion
    -Rock 'N Racing : Off Road
    -Roving Rogue
    -RunRun and Die
    -Scam Titty and his Buddy on Rails
    -Shadow Puppeteer
    -Shantae Riskys Revenge : Directors Cut
    -Shiny The Firefly
    -Slender : The Arrival
    -Spin The Bottle
    -Splashy Duck
    -Spy Chameleon
    -Squids Odyssey
    -Star Ghost
    -StarWhal : Just The Tip
    -Stealth inc 2
    -Steam World DIG
    -Stick it to THE Man
    -Stick Magician
    -Stone Shire
    -Sudoku & Permudoku
    -Super Meat Boy
    -Super Robo Mouse
    -Sweetest Thing.
    -Sword & Soldiers
    -Sword & Soldiers 2
    -System Config Tool
    -TableTop Gallery
    -Tetrobot and Co.
    -The 90's Arcade Racer
    -The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
    -The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
    -The Bridge
    -The Cave
    -The Fall
    -The Letter
    -The Swapper
    -The Swindle
    -Thomas Was Alone
    -TNT Racers Nitro Machines Edition
    -Toki Tori
    -Toki Tori 2
    -Toon Tanks
    -Trine 2 : Director Cut
    -Trine Enchanted Edition
    -Whispering Willows
    -Wicked Blast
    -Wooden Sensey
    -XType Plus
    -Year Walk
    -ZaciSa : Defense of the Crayon Dimension

    -The WiiU Covers List :

    -007 Legends
    -Adventure Time : Explore The Dungeon Because I Dont Know
    -Adventure Time : Finn & Jake Investigations
    -Animal Crossing : Amiibo Festival
    -Assassins Creed 3
    -Assassins Creed Black Flag
    -Baila Latino
    -Barbie Dream House Party
    -Batman Arkham City : Armoured Edition
    -Bayonetta 2
    -Ben 10 Omniverse
    -Call Of Duty : Ghost
    -Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2
    -Captain Toad : Treasure Tracker
    -Darksiders 2
    -Deux EX Human Revolution : Director's Cut
    -Devil's Third
    -Disney Infinity
    -Disney Infinity 2.0
    -Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
    -Dragons 2
    -Epic Mickey 2 : The Power of Two
    -ESPN Sports Connection
    -Familly Party 30 Great Games : Obstacle Arcade
    -Fast & Furious : ShowDown
    -FIFA 2013
    -Fist of The North Star : Ken's Rage 2
    -Fit Music for WiiU
    -Fujiko F Fujio Characters Daishuugou SF Dotabata Party
    -Funky Barn
    -Game & Wario
    -Hello Kitty Kruisers : With Sanrio Friends
    -Just Dance : Disney Party 2
    -Kirby And The Rainbow Curse
    -Legend of Kay
    -Lego Batman 2 : DC Super Heroes
    -Lego Batman 3 : Beyond Gotham
    -Lego City Undercover
    -Lego City Undercover : nintendo select
    -Lego Dimensions
    -Lego Jurassic World
    -Lego Marvel Avengers
    -Lego Marvel Super Heroes
    -Lego The Hobbit
    -Lego The Movie Video Game
    -Lego Star Wars : The Force Awakens
    -Madden NFL 13
    -Mariokart 8
    -Mario Party 10
    -Mario & Sonic At The RIO 2016 Olympic Games
    -Mario Tennis : Ultra Smash
    -Marvel Avengers : Battle For Earth
    -Mass Effect 3 : Special Edition
    -Mighty No.9
    -MineCraft : WiiU Edition
    -Monster High : 13 Wishes
    -Monster High : New Ghoul In School
    -Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    -NBA2K 13
    -Need For Speed Most Wanted U
    -Nes Remix Pack
    -Ninja Gaiden 3 : Razor's Edge
    -New Super Luigi U
    -New Super Mario Bros U
    -New Super Mario Bros U + New Super Luigi U
    -New Super Mario Bros U + New Super Luigi U : nintendo select
    -Paper Mario Color Splash
    -Penguins of Madagascar
    -Phineas & Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff
    -Pikmin 3
    -Planes 2
    -Planes : Fire & Rescue
    -Pokken Tournament
    -Rabbids Land
    -Rapala Pro Bass Fishing
    -Rayman Legends
    -Resident Evil : Revelations
    -Rodea The Sky Soldier
    -Scribblenauts Unmasked a DC Comics Adventure
    -Sniper Elite V2
    -Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
    -Sonic Boom : Rise of Lyric
    -Splinter Cell Black List
    -Sponge Bob Squarepants Planktons Romotic Revenge
    -Sports Connection
    -StarFox Guard
    -StarFox Zero
    -Super Mario 3D World
    -Super Mario Maker
    -Super Smash Bros For WiiU
    -Taiko No Tatsujin
    -Taiko No Tatsujin Atsumete Tomodachi Daisakusen!
    -Taiko No Tatsujin Tokumori
    -Tank Tank Tank
    -Tekken Tag Tournament 2 : WiiU Edition
    -The Amazing Spiderman
    -The Amazing Spiderman 2
    -The Croods : Prehistoric Party
    -The Walking Dead : Survival Instinct
    -The Wonderful 101
    -Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
    -Warriors Oroshi 3 : Hyper
    -Watch Dogs
    -Wii Party U
    -Wii Sport Club
    -Wheel of Fortune
    -Xenoblade Chronicles X
    -Yo-Kai Watch Dance
    -Yoshi Woolly World
    -Zelda Hyrule Warriors
    -Zelda Twilight Princess
    -Zelda Wind Waker
    -Zombi U

    enjoy ;-)
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2016
    ciruzzo, Icks, maximusbg and 4 others like this.
  2. HerptyDerpty

    HerptyDerpty Chaos Contributor Staff Member Super Uploader

    The King Of Covers™ is here!
  3. mitcha

    mitcha Active Member

    and the king of US eshop games and VC is here too.
    an arab proverb said : only the mountains never meet.

    i'll be requested here , and im proud to be here.
  4. mitcha

    mitcha Active Member

    16 new wiiu covers , chek it out :p
  5. mitcha

    mitcha Active Member

    i will do it tomorow, with other releases. ;)
  6. mitcha

    mitcha Active Member

    18 new covers for eshop and wiiu, check it out ;)

    edited 07/14 : only 4 new eshop addition :(, sorry but im busy right now.
    edit : 07/15 : 3 more eshop cover and 4 turbografx 16 cover aka "pc engine" in europe
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
  7. Robbb

    Robbb Member

    thanks for this
  8. NeoGamer

    NeoGamer Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hi hope all is well. Lots of new eshop games out was wondering if you have time to do some of your great covers for them

    Cake Ninja 3 - The Legend Continues
    Flying Dragon The Secret Scroll
    Hold Your Fire - A Game About Responsibility
    Jackpot 777

    Dragon Fantasy The Black Tome of Ice
    Dragon Fantasy The Volumes of Westeria
    Futuridium Extended Play Deluxe
    Kick and Fennick
    Star Wars Pinball

    Many thanks
  9. sipulka

    sipulka New Member

    Many thanks

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