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News Harrison Ford's Broken Leg Costs Star Wars Company $2 Million Fine

News Bot Oct 12, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Han Solo actor Harrion Ford was injured filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens after a piece of the Millennium Falcon set collapsed on him, breaking his leg.

    Now, the British production company behind the set has been ordered to pay a £1.6 million ($1.95 million) fine. The production company at the heart of the case, Foodles, pleaded guilty to two counts of breaking health and safety rules, according to Variety.


    Judge Francis Sheridan said Foodles' "greatest failing" was its lack of proper communication about what safety risks could have been present on the set. "If you have a risk assessment and you do not communicate it, what is the point of having one? That is the most serious breach here," Sheridan said.

    "If only they had included Mr. Ford in all the discussions, he might have at least been alert to the dangers that he had to avoid."

    The prosecutor in the case, Andrew Marshall, said Ford believed the door that injured him wasn't going to close because it didn't during rehearsals. Marshall said Ford did not know the set was "live," which contributed to his eventual injury during filming.

    There was a silver lining to Ford's injury. During the multi-week filming break that came after Ford's accident, director JJ Abrams worked with leads John Boyega (Finn) and Daisy Ridley (Rey) to help improve their on-screen chemistry.

    "When I was on the set of the Millennium Falcon and we started to do work with Rey and Finn, the first time we did it, it didn't work at all," Abrams said earlier this year. "It was much more contentious. I didn't direct it right. It was set up all wrong, and when Harrison Ford got injured--which was a very scary day--we ended up having a few weeks off, and it was during that time that I really got to look at what we had done and rewrite quite a bit of that relationship."

    "So when we came back to work again, we actually just reshot from the ground up, those scenes. It was an amazingly helpful thing to get these two characters to where they needed to be."

    The next Star Wars movie is this December's spinoff, Rogue One. After that, Star Wars: Episode VIII comes out in December 2017.

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