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News Hearthstone's Next Expansion Revealed, Alongside Several New Cards

News Bot Nov 5, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Blizzard announced the next Hearthstone expansion during the Blizzcon Opening Ceremony today. It's called Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and adds 132 cards to the Warcraft CCG.

    In Gadgetzan, there are three factions: the Grimy Goons, Kabal, and Jade Lotus. Each class belongs to one of these factions, meaning only certain classes will be able to use each faction's cards. You can see these affiliations further down the article. Some of the new cards were also revealed on stage, and you can see them in the gallery below.


    Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is coming to PC, iOS, and Android devices later this year. The expansion's card packs can be won in Hearthstone's Arena mode and purchased with in-game gold or real money. They cost the exact same amount as the other card packs. Additionally, you can pre-purchase a 50-pack bundle on Blizzard's site for $50, but only one purchase is available to each account.

    You can see the descriptions for the revealed cards below, and see all 30-plus that have been revealed so far here. More cards will be revealed at the Hearthstone panel today, November 4, at 12:30 PM PT. You'll need to purchase a BlizzCon virtual ticket to gain access to the stream.

    Other news from Blizzcon's opening ceremony includes Overwatch's new character Sombra, Diablo 3's new Necromancer class, and new heroes for Heroes of the Storm.

    Factions and Classes Affiliations:

    • Grimy Goons: Hunter, Paladin, and Warrior
    • Kabal: Mage, Priest, and Warlock
    • Jade Lotus: Druid, Rogue, and Shaman
    Revealed Cards

    Piranha Launcher weapon

    • Costs 5 Mana
    • Gives hero two attack and can be used four times
    • Every time your hero attacks, it summons a 1/1 Piranha

    Lotus Assassin

    • Costs 5 mana
    • Has 5 attack, 5 health
    • Every time it kills an enemy, it gains Stealth

    Kabal Talonpriest

    • Costs 3 Mana
    • Has 3 attack, 4 health
    • Its Battlecry gives a friendly minion +3 health

    Kabal Courier

    • Costs 3 Mana
    • Has 2 attack, 2 health
    • Its Battlecry lets it Discover a Mage, Priest, or Warlock card


    • Costs 4 mana
    • Has 3 attack, 3 health
    • Its Battlecry creates a custom spell if your deck contains no duplicates

    I Know a Guy

    • Costs 1 mana
    • Discovers a Taunt minion

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