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Mega HerptyDerpty's VC Inject Collection 5 (SMS/GG Edition) (20+ Games)

HerptyDerpty Jul 4, 2016

  1. HerptyDerpty

    HerptyDerpty Chaos Contributor Staff Member Super Uploader


    This is mainly comprised of Game Gear titles because of the way SMSAdvance (a SMS/GG emulator for GBA) compresses the image of Master System games (for the handful of SMS Titles here, use L&R to change settings; the screen flicker effect can be turned off via 'display'). It's very niche titles, but, I included Sonic The Hedgehog I & II because the SMS titles are pretty underrated and totally different games from their Mega Drive (Genesis, if Phil Collins is your thing) counterparts. Of note are; Treasure's outstanding port of Gunstar Heroes & the translation of the Game Gear Lunar game.

    Usage of the Virtual Console's save state function is a must.

    No requests, sorry.

    Coca-Cola Kid (English Translation)
    Crystal Warriors
    Defenders Of Oasis
    Dynamite Headdy & Gunstar Heroes
    Golden Axe Warrior
    Head Buster (English Translation)
    High School! Kimengumi (English Translation)
    Lunar: Walking School (English Translation)
    Panzer Dragoon Mini
    Phantasy Star (English Re-Translation)
    Phantasy Star Adventure (English Translation)
    Phantasy Star Gaiden (English Translation)
    Royal Stone (English Translation)
    Shining Force Gaiden (English Translation)
    Shining Force - The Sword Of Hajya
    Sonic Drift I & II
    Sonic The Hedgehog I & II
    Sukeban Deka II (English Translation)
    Sylvan Tale (English Translation)

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