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Tutorial Import Loadiine saves to USB-Ready games using Saviine

MattKimura Oct 25, 2016

  1. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

    This will be a quick tutorial on how to use Saviine and the server to inject saves from loadiine to your disc games or Eshop games (Aka USB-Ready games)

    Loadiine saves are located in:
    SD:/wiiu/saves/Super Mario Maker/800001
    SD:/wiiu/saves/Super Mario Maker/common

    Copy the saves you wish to inject to your computer before you begin.

    1) Download the latest saviine release: Releases · Maschell/saviine · GitHub
    Open the zip
    Place the wiiu folder on your SD card
    place the server folder on your computer

    2) Launch Saviine from homebrew launcher

    3) On your PC, open a command prompt window and type ipconfig. This will give you your ip address v4.

    4) Enter that IP address V4 on Saviine by using the DPAD then press X to have it reboot to the home menu with saviine patches enabled

    5) On your computer, go into the server folder and create a folder named saviine_root. Go in it and create a folder named inject and another named dump

    6) Go into the inject folder and make a folder called 00050000-XXXXXXX Replace the X's with the rest of the title ID. You can find title ID's HERE

    7) Put your 8000001 and/or 8000002 folders from loadiine into this title ID folder, as well as the common folder.

    5) In the server folder, open "Inject.bat" and it will open a command prompt window

    6) Open the game on your Wii U

    7) Look at the command prompt window and you'll eventually see a pop up box. Choose the save file and inject it

    *If it doesn't let you click anything, it means the name of the title ID folder was wrong. But don't worry, it generated a folder with the proper name. Put your save folders in this folder instead. Then close the command prompt window and reopen it. Close out the game and open it again. Now you can select the save file to inject.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2016
    Madridi and Deletr753 like this.
  2. Madridi

    Madridi New Member Staff Member

    Thanks @MattKimura .. Guide works but has a small problem:

    There is a zero missing from step number 7. This is essential for those who set loadiine to use unique save format (which would have to be renamed manually)

    I also recommend the steps to rename unique saves to be included in the guide

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