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Github JGecko U (Wii U RAM Debugger) By BullyWiiPlaza

Rohul1997 Jun 29, 2016

  1. Rohul1997

    Rohul1997 Member Staff Member Super Moderator

    Hey community,

    I was just wondering who would be interested in a new Wii U RAM debugging tool similar to TCP Gecko.NET but improved and actively maintained? TCP Gecko.NET has many broken features, bugs and messy source code so it's pretty bad. Don't we need some good RAM debugger that works well with new useful features and never crashes?

    Since this is a massive project, it is not just done in a day therefore I'm also asking who would be interested to do active development. The programming language used will be Java because it's a great language with a lot of tool and code analysis support as well as being fully platform independent. Also I did some development in it already.

    I'm aware that a Python Gecko client exists but again, it's about as far in development as me so it doesn't really influence the language decision. My library on the other hand is more complete in terms of supporting reading and writing of various data types such as booleans, integers, shorts, bytes, floats and even Strings. It can dump memory, search for an integer and follow pointers of any depth.

    Your programming experience should be 2 years at least if you want to be able to help.

    I suggest using IntelliJ IDEA as development environment, Maven as build system and Github as host/version control system.

    For this project to be possible, I need about 3 other skilled people since I don't have a lot of free time to spend doing this so it's impossible to do for me alone. Let me know. :)

    Just tagging some people that probably meet the requirements and are willing to help according to some search results on the Wii U section they have something to do with Java lol:


    I made a GitHub repository for the project. Check it out here.


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