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News Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Comic Event Will Be a Fun, Big-Budget Blockbuster

News Bot Oct 31, 2016

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    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    In December, DC Comics will have its two most popular teams battle each other in a blockbuster-style winter event that will change the landscape of the DC Universe. Justice League vs. Suicide Squad will be a six-issue mini-series featuring DC's greatest heroes taking on a group of villains working for the American government.


    Joshua Williamson will be writing the book alongside six recently announced artists: Jason Fabok, Tony S. Daniel, Jesus Merino, Fernando Pasarin, Robson Rocha, and Howard Porter. Each artist will work on one of the six issues.

    Williamson talked to GameSpot during New York Comic Con about what fans can expect for this epic battle between superhumans. "It's a lot of pressure. It's challenging," explained Williamson. "I try to have fun with it and not get lost in the idea of the pressure of this gigantic event. I just want to make a fun, big-budget blockbuster sort of comic."

    He went on to explain this is a story of redemption and corruption, and it will be a big part of Rebirth, the recent event that was a soft-reset of the DC Universe. Something happens with the Suicide Squad where the Justice League needs to step in and stop them.

    "If you found out that your villain was running around with a government badge, you'd be like, 'You can't do that.' These are criminals," explained Williamson. "You have to think about it from Batman's perspective. There's a moment in issue #1 where Aquaman says--and he doesn't know Black Manta was on Suicide Squad--'If I found out Black Manta was out there doing this, I would go after him.' Something happens where they [Batman and the Justice League] have to put a stop to this."

    Art by Jason Fabok

    The event will have an effect on the rest of the DC Universe, but it's unclear, at this point, how large that will be. Williamson vaguely stated that certain character's minds will be changed about some things. In addition, this just isn't another story revolving around good guys fighting bad guys. "This isn't about saving people from you; this is about saving you from yourself," Williamson concluded.

    The first issue of Justice League vs Suicide Squad goes on sale on December 21.

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