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New PS4 Kart Racer Out Today, Features Bears and a Hedgehog Powerup

News Bot Aug 30, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Have a PlayStation 4 and looking for a new kart racing game? You're in luck, as the new game Bears Can't Drift?! launches today, August 30, featuring split-screen, powerups, co-op, and stylized visuals.
    All tracks are available from the start. Some are set in forests, featuring flowers and rainbows. Some are easier courses with easy turns, while others will offer a greater challenge and more obstacles. This is according to Arran Langmead, the head of developer Strangely Named Studio, who shared some details on the cool-looking game in a post on the PlayStation Blog this week.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Bears Can't Drift?! does not feature any tutorial mode, but there is a hub world where you can practice the controls and test out the pickups. Some of these include The Salmon (Forward attack), Bee (Rear attack), Hedgehog (Shield), and Bird (Boost). You can also combine pickups to make even more powerful ones.
    In terms of multiplayer, there is support for up to four players using split-screen. It's unclear, however, if there is online multiplayer. Game modes include (descriptions via Strangely Name Studio):
    Time Trial

    • Put your skills to the test in a drive only, infinite time trial. Use the action button to quick restart if things go wrong and try to beat the top times and friends with four player splitscreen.
    Single Race

    • Race against up to 8 AI opponents and 3 friends (with 4 player splitscreen) over three laps in this hectic battle for first place. Use the pickups found throughout the track to give you the edge.

    • This twist on the battle arena will have you and your friends dashing back and forth between picnic baskets in a fun filled fight for food. Use the pickups to hit other players and steal their food but be careful not to get hit yourself!
    Bears Can't Drift?! comes out today on PS4, but it appears it hasn't gone live yet. The game is already out on PC, where it sells for $13 on Steam.


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