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New Sea of Thieves Video Shows Off the Game's Gorgeous Water

News Bot Sep 6, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    In Sea of Thieves, players will spend a good amount of time aboard a ship in the open water. As you may have seen in previous trailers, the water Rare made for the Xbox One and PC game looks very good. Now, Rare has published a new video that talks more about how the team designed and developed the water.
    Software director Andy Dennison and senior software engineer Mark Lucas start off by saying the team looked at games, as well as Hollywood movies, to see how other people made good-looking water. The team also went to great lengths to ensure that the way light behaves after it hits the water was done in a way that would make it look realistic and beautiful. This is particularly pronounced during sequences in the morning and night, when the sun is rising and setting and reflecting on the water.

    It's also mentioned in the video that Rare's designers started off by thinking about the water in a photorealistic sense. From there, water effects designers were given the opportunity to stylize it somewhat to match how the rest of the game looks.
    "It's a really nice blend; we've been able to keep some of that correct water behavior but still blend it in with our game and keep the style that we want," Dennison said.
    The water in Sea of Thieves also acts differently depending on the location; there can be huge waves in the open sea and calm pools closer to shore. There are also whitecaps when the wind is blowing.
    Sea of Thieves is an Xbox Play Anywhere game. That means if you buy it (digitally) on Xbox One, you will get the PC version for free and vice versa. Microsoft has also stated that this game is the best game that developer Rare has ever made.


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