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News Overwatch's Next Character, Sombra, Officially Revealed

News Bot Nov 4, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Update: Sombra's page on the Overwatch website is live, detailing her abilities and weapon, which is a short-range machine pistol. Her abilities are a lot like what's seen in the trailer. Hack can be used on enemies to stop them from using abilities, or on health packs to make them unusable by enemies. Thermoptic Camo lets her go invisible, gaining movement speed; this effect ends by attacking, using abilities, or taking damage. Translocator tosses out a beacon that she can teleport to, even while it's still moving. Finally, EMP lets out a blast around her, destroying barriers and shields, and hacking nearby enemies.

    Original Story: Blizzard at long last confirmed the hacker-centric Overwatch character Sombra today.

    During BlizzCon's opening ceremony, the company began to roll a video recapping the launch of Overwatch. The video seemingly began to have technical issues, only for it to serve as an introduction to Sombra in a short film featuring her, Widowmaker, and Reaper infiltrating some kind of top-secret facility. You can watch it above.


    As of yet, her in-game abilities haven't been shared. The video shows her going invisible, hacking things, and teleporting, which may offer some hints as to what she'll be like. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime described her as a "stealthy, offensive" character who is able to hack enemy abilities, but he didn't share more than that.

    There are also new maps on the way, including Oasis, which is pictured above. There's also a new mode called Arcade on the way that will host "new game modes, new rulesets, and exclusive maps." One of these maps is Echo Point Antarctica (pictured below). It's designed for Arcade's 1v1 and 3v3 Arena game modes, which are just two of the modes coming.

    Sombra, the Arcade, and Echo Point Antarctica will arrive on the Public Test Realm next week, with Oasis coming to the PTR in December.

    Echo Point Antarctica

    More details will be revealed during the Overwatch panel later today. We'll report back then with more.

    For more on the big BlizzCon news so far, check out the stories below.

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