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Tutorial Playing wrong-region games from usb

Trebic Nov 12, 2016

  1. Trebic

    Trebic Member

    I found what is possibly an easier method of changing the meta.xml files on GBATemp [Link]

    Basic instructions are to launch CFWBooter on the wii u, then just run region_modifier.py on your computer.
    You will need to insert you wii u's ip address into region_modifier.py (Line 83)
    Also, you may need to change the region (Line 86)

    This 'should' change all the meta.xml files on the wii (including updates). I haven't had the chance to test this yet.

    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**

    Please follow these guides if needed:

    Needed files:
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**

    First you will need to install a game onto the usb using WUPInstaller
    Afterwards, launch CFWBooter

    Now on you computer, edit wupclient.py to include your wii u ip address (Line 29) and open with python -i wupclient.py

    If you are using my modified wupclient.py,
    enter usb_mount()
    enter w.dl_meta("id")

    Where id is the second half of the title id
    e.g. for 'Disney Planes' - Title id '000500001011c500', id would be '1011c500' . Also, make sure the id is lower case.

    This should have downloaded the meta.xml onto your computer under the folder 00050000\id . Again, id is the second half of the title id.
    Open the meta.xml with notepad++ and edit the region (line 35)
    00000001 is JPN ( I think )
    00000002 is USA
    00000004 is PAL
    00000007 is Region-Free ( I think )

    Once you have done that, save the file and go back to wupclient
    enter w.up_meta("id")

    If all has gone well, you will the need to restart your wii u ( Sometimes I have to pull the power for it to restart properly )

    Once you turn your wii u back on, the game should now work.

    Might not work with all games ( I did have problems with Super Mario 3D World, though i might've not restarted my wii u properly... )
    If you are using a different wupclient.py then,

    To mount the usb,
    w.open("/dev/fsa",0) This should output a few numbers, call this <handle>
    Enter the games meta folder using
    w.cd("/vol/storage_usb/usr/title/00050000/id/meta") Where id is the second half of the games title id
    Download the meta.xml with
    w.dl("meta.xml","folder") folder is the folder where meta.xml will be downloaded
    Upload the meta.xml with
    w.up("folder/meta.xml","meta.xml") !!! THIS STEP CAN BE DANGEROUS !!! the first argument is the location of the meta.xml on your computer, the second is the name of the file that will be written to the wii u, if you do not have the second argument, the file will be called what is in the first argument. In this case, the file will be called "folder/meta.xml" , because of the '/' YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME OR DELETE THE GAME, YOU WILL NEED TO FORMAT THE USB HDD TO REMOVE THE GAME .

    Important Info:
    This method may not work with game updates as i have not tried. If your game has been updated, you may need to edit the meta.xml in the update folder.
    Use w.dl_meta("id","folder") to download the meta.xml, where, again, id is the second half of the titleid, and folder is the first half, (for the update folder, it will be '0005000e' )
    Use w.up_meta("id","folder") to upload the edited meta.xml

    I am sorry if this guide is hard to read, or confusing in anyway. This is my first attempt at a guide and I may edit/update the guide at later dates.

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2016
  2. bigdadblair

    bigdadblair Member

    nice!! anybody know anything about WiiUInstallerPackerV5. Tried to convert my loadine eshop game to work in renand but the only walk through I could find was Spanish. It works to a point , the game converts, installs but locks up at start. I know there is something I am missing just can't understand the Spanish!!.
  3. Maximumxpower

    Maximumxpower New Member


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