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Pokemon Go: Here Are the Best Pokemon in Every Category

News Bot Jul 20, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Pokemon Go has a fair bit of mystery around itself. What Pokemon hatch from which eggs? How do I get specific Eevee evolutions? Where can I find the legendary Pokemon? Although Pokemon Go resource tool The Silph Road doesn't answer all of those questions, it does have a lot of information on the mobile game.
    The Silph Road has stats on all 151 Pokemon available in the game, in addition to how you can earn experience and what earning each trainer level gets you. There's also a section for "Moves," but it can't be accessed just yet. It's a really impressive website that looks like it's essential to dominating Pokemon Go.
    [​IMG]We've looked at The Silph Road's Pokemon stats and have compiled lists of the top ten Pokemon in each stat--Attack, Defense, and Stamina. We also have a fourth list, which calculates the top ten overall Pokemon based on their combined stats.
    You can check out at all four lists below or see all 151 Pokemon ranked at The Silph Road.
    [h=2]Top Ten Offensive Pokemon[/h]
    1. Mewtwo
    2. Dragonite
    3. Moltres
    4. Flareon
    5. Zapdos
    6. Exeggutor
    7. Arcanine
    8. Victreebel
    9. Mew
    10. Charizard
    [h=2]Top Ten Defensive Pokemon[/h]
    1. Articuno
    2. Blastoise
    3. Mew
    4. Dragonite
    5. Hitmonchan
    6. Mewtwo
    7. Poliwrath
    8. Omastar
    9. Marowak
    10. Venusaur
    [h=2]Top Ten Stamina Pokemon[/h]
    1. Chansey
    2. Snorlax
    3. Wigglytuff
    4. Lapras
    5. Vaporeon
    6. Jigglypuff
    7. Rhydon
    8. Mewtwo
    9. Kangaskhan
    10. Muk
    [h=2]Top Ten Overall Pokemon[/h]
    1. Mewtwo
    2. Dragonite
    3. Mew
    4. Articuno
    5. Snorlax
    6. Moltres
    7. Zapdos
    8. Lapras
    9. Arcanine
    10. Blastoise
    You can learn more about Pokemon with GameSpot's 18 essential tips and tricks here.


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