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Tutorial Project Zero Maiden of Black Water [Uncensor files]

MattKimura Dec 31, 2016

  1. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

    User Elusivo from GBATemp has created a patch to uncensor Project Zero to restore it's original costumes from the Japanese version. Zero Suit Samus and Zelda costumes are replaced in this patch. This is just a quick post with the files needed for the patch. This was designed for Loadiine, but it also works on USB installation by replacing files via wupserver

    There's different versions of the game

    Eshop version only

    Eshop version
    Disc version

    This patch as of now only works with the EUR disc version of Project Zero Maid of Black Water. So you'll need to download and install that before you can get started.

    Patch by Elusivo
    lens_cafe.rpx (From EUR Disc version, unpatched)
    EV9013_9053.mp4 (From JAP Disc version)

    Note: I didn't include archive00.ink because it's well over 3 GB and I was told that if I can avoid it, don't do it. If you really want to, you'll have to find it and patch it, then import it to your system which will take very long.

    Quick, short, and confusing tutorial I put together

    Start by patching lens_cafe.rpx with the patch by Elusivo
    Download the EV9013_9053.mp4 file
    Place both the patched lens_cafe.rpx and EV9013_9053.mp4 files onto your SD card
    Run MochaCFW on your WiiU, then open WUPClientMod
    Enter your WiiU's IP Address
    Browse to your SD card's directory, find cafe_lens.rpx and right click it, copy
    Browse back to previous directory, click on "Mount USB" on top
    Browse to USB storage, usr, title, 00050000, 101D0300, code
    Right click anywhere then paste
    Browse back to your SD card and copy the EV9013_9053.mp4 file
    Browse to USB Storage, usr, title, 00050000, 101D0300, content, movie
    Paste the file here

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