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[Save] Super Smash Bros WiiU [All characters unlocked, fresh save]

MattKimura Nov 10, 2016

  1. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

    I created a fresh save where all characters are unlocked without doing anything else other than getting 100 vs matches. This is good for those who want a fresh save, but don't want to unlock all the characters the tedious way. Anyone can use this save, and works with the Disc game, and digital game. All the dialogue you get for unlocking the DLC has been seen already. This can be imported on any region.



    1) Add Saviine the app on your SD card: Releases · Maschell/saviine · GitHub
    It goes in SD:/wiiu/apps/
    Then extract the server folder to your computer

    2) Launch Saviine from homebrew launcher

    3) On your PC, open a command prompt window and type ipconfig. This will give you your ip address v4.

    4) Enter that IP address V4 on Saviine then press X to have it reboot to the home menu with saviine patches enabled

    5) On your computer in the server folder, open "Inject.bat"

    6) Super Smash Bros on your Wii U

    7) Look at the command prompt window and you'll eventually see a pop up box. Choose the save for both options and inject it


    I also created a save for Super Mario Maker with all course elements unlocked and nothing more than that. All mystery mushroom costumes are locked still. If you wanted a fresh save but dind't feel like unlocking all the course materials by spamming blocks, this will be useful

  2. Arkium

    Arkium New Member

    Do you have a save that is with everything unlocked and completed?

    If yes, upload and show here, please.

  3. Starlight Glimmer

    Starlight Glimmer New Member

    thank you thank you. and do you have mk8 save file and will this work on Cemu

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