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See Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Dev's New Gears of War-Like Shooter in Action

News Bot Jul 12, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Mercury Steam, the developer of the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series, showed off footage for its next game during Gamelab Barcelona 2016. Footage of the title, which is called Raiders of The Broken Planet, has been posted online and reveals the game is a third-person shooter.
    The video, which you can watch below, breaks down it key mechanics, which will be familiar to anyone with experience with Microsoft's Gears of War series. However, it also has some interesting twists on up-close melee combat and character variety. The video is narrated by Enric Alvarez, chief game designer at the studio.

    "[With Raiders of The Broken Planet] we're talking about an adventure. It's a game with a strong narrative, characters, and conflicts between them," he explained.
    The game's campaign will be playable online or alone, and Alvarez cited Western movie The Magnificent Seven as the studio's main inspiration.
    "We have a group of characters that are united in a very random manner. They share nothing and are looking for their own stuff, so watch out who you turn your back on."
    Raiders of The Lost Planet's campaign will be playable alone or online co-operatively. The game will also be delivered in episodes, which Mercury Steam says will be offered for "an amazing price." The money generated from each episode will continue to fund the development further. This, the studio says, also allows it to "reach gamers without the marketing muscle of a publisher."
    Continuing, Alvarez laid out the main gameplay pillars of Raiders of The Broken Planet. These were cited as "narrative driven rich missions, play solo or co-op, join the enemy." A key element of the game is giving the player the ability to become bad guys.
    The final pillar is a phrase: "You want my stuff? Come and get it." This speaks to the game's up-close gameplay. Check out the video for much more on the game.
    Raiders of The Broken Planet will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Mercury Steam hasn't announced a release date, but you can apply to join the beta on the game's official website.


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