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News Smite Patch Makes PS4 Pro/Xbox One Scorpio Improvements, Adds Halloween Map

News Bot Oct 18, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    The 3.19 update for Smite has arrived on consoles, introducing a new character, Halloween-themed content, and enhancements for those who play on newer hardware.

    Today's patch might be bigger than those in the past, as Hi-Rez Studios has increased texture resolution on PS4 and Xbox One "in preparation for the PlayStation [4] Pro and Xbox Scorpio." Hi-Rez confirmed with GameSpot that the update is indeed meant for Scorpio--which isn't scheduled for release until next year--rather than the recently launched Xbox One S. You can see the difference in texture resolution below:


    Alongside that, 3.19 introduces a new character, Camazotz. He's an Assassin who specializes in restoring his own health and has some of the game's more complex abilities. Oh, he's also a giant, walking bat who flies into the air when using his Ultimate. You can read more about him here.

    If he's not Halloween-y enough for you, Arena mode's map gets a spooky new look, as seen in the trailer. There are also two new Halloween-themed skins: Wolfman Fenrir and Feline Fashion Awilix. Other new skins come through the Odyssey event, including Scarlet Dangerfield Neith, Celestial Isis, Gemini Agni, and Plague-Bearer Izanami, the latter of which is available only once you've reached 31,500 Odyssey points.


    For those on PS4, 3.19 introduces Spectator mode, allowing you to watch other players' matches from inside the game client.

    The remainder of the patch deals with bug fixes and balance changes, of which there are a somewhat limited number. Susano has been adjusted to make him a bit less frustrating to fight against, Chaac gets some quality-of-life changes, and Scylla deals more damage with Crush (but at a higher mana cost). You can read our full breakdown of the patch notes here, or see the full things for yourself here.

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