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Suicide Squad Mid-Credits Scene Explained [Spoilers]

News Bot Aug 5, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Suicide Squad opens in theaters this week. The movie sets up the idea of a high government official, Amanda Waller, creating a team of supervillains to protect the world from massive threats. The missions would be off the books, and if things went bad, they would have plausible deniability. You can read our review of the film here along with thoughts from the cast at a recent press junket we attended here.
    While the final scene of the movie leaves things open for an inevitable sequel, there was a mid-credits scene that is a little more straightforward as to what comes next. There will be spoilers below. This is your final chance to look away.
    [​IMG]It's been known for some time that Batman makes an appearance in the movie. Early speculation pointed at Joker being recruited into Task Force X in order to help apprehend the vigilante in Gotham based on his past experiences fighting him. That clearly wasn't the case.
    What was more of a surprise was the appearance of Bruce Wayne. In the scene, he meets with Amanda Waller, who hands over dossier files on metahumans like the Flash and Aquaman. It seems she's doing this in order to gain his trust and protection after the debacle of the Suicide Squad's battle. It's pretty clear she is aware of his other occupation. When Bruce leaves, she mentions, "You look tired. You should stop working nights." Bruce's reply is for her to shut down her program, otherwise he and his friends will do it for her. Waller and the Dark Knight have clashed many times over their ideals in the comics.
    [​IMG]Justice League of America #27 (June 1989) As far as setting up future films, such as Justice League, this exchange is almost pointless. Bruce already has information on the other metahumans thanks to Lex Luthor's files he obtained in Batman v Superman. It could be Waller's files contain more precise information such as a location they can be found, though there didn't appear to be a file on Cyborg. In the footage for Justice League shown at Comic-Con, we see Bruce seek out Aquaman and Barry Allen. This is apparently a result of having Waller's files.
    Looking beyond Justice League, the final exchange could set up a possible confrontation between the two teams. After the Justice League forms and fights Steppenwolf and the Suicide Squad deals with whatever their next mission might be, we could see a clash between the two teams. With the success of Marvel's Civil War, moviegoers definitely love to see heroes fighting each other. What better way to tie these two franchises together?


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