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Help usb ready/loadiine

Yokujin Nov 12, 2016

  1. Yokujin

    Yokujin New Member

    im completely new to the whole wii u hacking scene and i would like to install one game

    what i got:
    -eu wii u
    -access to loadiine.ovh and loadiine app on SD
    -300gb mini hdd format NTFS (as of now) with usb output
    -usb ready game downloaded on HDD
    -wupinstaller on HDD

    i wouldnt mind a loadiine version of the game but i cant find it anywhere
    installing the usb ready game seems extremely complicated for me
  2. bigdadblair

    bigdadblair Member

    Its really easy,on SD root make 2 folders, "wiiU" and "install" in the wiiU folder make an "apps" folder. You then put homebrew_launcher(v1.3) and wupinstaller-y mod 1.2.1(not sure if new one out but this one works fine). Now take your game you have downloaded and put it in the "install" folder, make sure it is like this sd:install\game1\files and so on if you want to put more than one game at a time like SD"install\game2 can put as many games in the install folder as the card can fit. There is also a great video in the tutorial section here as well. If using the first wupinstaller version(not y mod) just put like this SD:install\file no game folder, can only put on one game at a time. So when all that is done you load up your card just as you would loadiine and then choose Wupinstaller and press x to install to harddrive, I have never copied to system drive before, I stick to the usb harddrive. Make sure you only install games that are the same region as your console. I recommend to watching the video and reading all the comments on the page its on as well. It will also show you how to block your wiiU from updating , I strongly suggest you pay attention to that as well. I read it a few time before I attempt anything. I dry run in your head won't brick you wiiU but a rush run in real life can. Words to remember lol.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2016
  3. syte

    syte Member

    just use uTikDownloadHelper to download the games, it modifies the ticket for you so all you do is drag and drop to the install folder bigdadblair told you about. on your wii u, you want to open homebrew launcher -> signature patcher, then homebrew launcher -> wupinstaller, then follow the directions on the screen to choose what folder to install from and where to install to (usb or internal hdd)
  4. tomhanks69

    tomhanks69 Active Member

    hmm. Im suddenly getting a "could not load file /wii/apps/homebrew launcher/homebrew launcher.elf" error when trying to launch homebrew launcher now. always worked before, now it just goes to this every time

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