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Watch Dogs 2 Won't Bring Back AR Minigames

News Bot Jul 4, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    It's already been announced that Watch Dogs 2 won't have Ubisoft's trademark tower climbing mechanic, which unlocks part of its game's map. Now, game director Danny Belanger has told GamingBolt that it won't feature the Watch Dogs AR minigames, either.
    "AR games from Watch Dogs are not returning," Belanger said. "We are offering more city exploration. So as you're walking around the city, you'll open Nethack, and you'll discover operations and secrets that will unlock side quests if you want."
    The AR games in Watch Dogs included NVZN and Cash Run. In NVZN, you'd shoot AR aliens with a blaster, while Cash Run had you running after coins and dodging red skulls. The Digital Trips were another set of minigames where the player would be thrown into one of four different worlds. However, it's not clear if these will appear in Watch Dogs 2. We've contacted Ubisoft to clarify this information.
    We got the opportunity to play Watch Dogs 2 at E3. GameSpot's Scott Butterworth said, "I definitely encountered some silliness during my hands-on time--including some out-of-touch pandering to millennials and some laughable abuses of technology--but overall, Watch Dogs 2 looks promising. Its world is sunnier in more ways than one, its hacking appears to deliver on promises left unfulfilled by the original game, and honestly, the soundtrack so far is impeccable. With any luck, the final product will live up to its E3 demo when the full game launches this fall."
    It was confirmed at E3 that Watch Dogs 2 would let you play through the game without killing anyone. It was also announced that PS4 players would get all the DLC first.
    Watch Dogs 2 releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15.


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