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News Westworld Episode 4: Producers Discuss the Latest Chapter [SPOILERS]

News Bot Oct 24, 2016

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    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Last night's episode of HBO's Westworld was one of the best--and most mysterious--yet. The nature of the futuristic park, the world that surrounds it, and the key players continues to boggle the mind.

    Producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have now responded to some of the episode's key sequences as part of a postmortem interview with Entertainment Weekly. First off, are the opening sequences of every Westworld episode so far, scenes where Bernard is speaking with Dolores, flashbacks? Nolan isn't giving anything away. "I think that's up to the view to decide. I think you want to assume as little as possible when watching this show."


    Some elements of Westworld are intentionally ambiguous, Nolan added. The same was true for Memento, the movie he worked on with his brother Christopher Nolan.

    "My brother gave an interview about what he thought [Memento] meant but stressed it was ambiguous," Nolan said. "And afterward we talked about it and I felt from then on that the best thing to do is get out of the way of the audience and let them play with it."

    We also learned in Episode 4, titled "Dissonance Theory," that Ed Harris' character, the Man in Black, is a celebrity of sorts outside of Westworld. One of the park's guests comes up to him and thanks him and his foundation for saving his sister from an unknown ailment. Joy teased that there is more to learn about the Man in Black, for sure.

    "For him, he's looking at this as just a game and he's an expert-level gamer," Nolan said. "Just like a life-saving doctor can play Grand Theft Auto really violently doesn't mean he can't be a wonderful doctor and parent outside that world. So that's what we’re approaching here, is a shift in perspective that might allow us to imagine a different side of his character that he shows the outside world."

    There was also a Man in Black scene in Episode 4 that might have left you scratching your head. We never saw him get locked into the armored stage coach, so it felt like a scene might have been missing. It wasn't.

    "No. We wanted to move the story forward so you're asking yourself how he wound up in there, but then they arrive at the prison and the deputy fills in the details--they just walked out and tried to steal a couple horses right in front of him," Nolan said. "As an expert gamer, the Man in Black knows how to play this, he knows how to get inside the prison. We just wanted to get into the fun of it."

    One of the standout scenes in Westworld Episode 4 was undoubtedly the showdown between Dr. Ford and Theresa Cullen over lunch in the park. Ford threatened Cullen and displayed his mighty, mysterious power by simply wagging his finger to make the hosts stop in place. He also suggested that he is aware of the relationship between Cullen and Bernard.

    "Here, we're reminded that you underestimate [Ford] at your peril," Nolan said. "He has his own designs of what he wants this place to be. You're also reminded he has an extremely controlling relationship with the hosts. Like the moment when he cuts a host's face open and you realize why they're all stripped bare in cold storage, that it's a very practical measure on his part to make sure nobody makes Arnold's mistake again, that treating these hosts as machines is vital to ensure that the techs who work with them don’t mistake them for people. You're reminded that Ford is not a friend to the hosts. He’s a father figure and that can go a number of different ways."

    Go to EW to read the full postmortem for Westworld Episode 4.

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