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World of Final Fantasy PS4 Collector's Edition Announced, Here's Everything It Includes

News Bot Jul 21, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    Square Enix today announced that World of Final Fantasy is getting a Collector's Edition and revealed everything it comes with.
    Priced at $120 and available only through the Square Enix Online Store, the collector's edition comes with the game on a physical disc and an 80-page hardback art book. It also features the game's original soundtrack and a set of three mini-figures: Cloud, Lightning, and Squall.
    [​IMG]Additionally, the game comes in a physical pop-up book, featuring 3D paper cutouts.
    The World of Final Fantasy premium version also includes digital content in the form of white Chocobo, glow Moogle, and red Bonnetberry mirages. Players also get a Sephiroth summon, as well as a Japanese voice-over option.
    There will also be Limited and Day One editions of World of Final Fantasy. The $60 Limited edition comes with a physical copy of the game in a "unique" package. It also features a 24-page artbook and the digital content included with the collector's edition. This version is not exclusive to the Square Enix store, however, as it will be available at "select" retailers.
    As for the Day One edition, this comes with a physical disc and no special packaging, but all of the digital content referenced earlier. It, too, is available at "select" retailers.

    World of Final Fantasy was announced at E3 2015 and launches in North America on October 25 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The Collector's, Limited, and Day One editions versions are available for PS4, while PS Vita's only option appears to be the Day One edition.
    Square Enix is positioning World of Final Fantasy as a gateway title for those unfamiliar with the mega franchise while keeping its appeal with longtime fans. While it will star new characters, it is also chocked full of familiar faces from the series.
    [h=3][/h]The game is set in the land of Grimoire, where all the Final Fantasy characters live. The two main characters shown in the announcement trailer--Rain and her little brother--are venturing into the world to battle against and befriend monsters. These creatures have been pulled from all previous Final Fantasy games, giving players a chance to do battle with cute chibi versions of Behemoths and even cuter chibi chocobos. The monsters featured in The World of Final Fantasy will come from the entire series history, including spinoff titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Crystal Chronicles.
    For more on World of Final Fantasy, check out GameSpot's interview feature, "What Exactly Is World of Final Fantasy?"
    World of Final Fantasy's October 25 release date is about a month after Final Fantasy XV comes out for PS4 and Xbox One on September 30.


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