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XCOM 2 Adds Weapons and Abilities in New Mods From Acclaimed Team

News Bot Jul 8, 2016

  1. News Bot

    News Bot Chaos Immortal

    More XCOM 2 mods from Long War Studios have been released to the Steam Workshop, and this time they're adding new ways to rework your soldiers' abilities and kill aliens with lasers.
    The first of the two mods is the Long War Perk Pack, which increases your perk choices per promotion rank from two to three. Additionally, it adds or reworks more than 70 abilities, which can be assigned to soldiers, gear, or aliens. 10 new Personal Combat Sims that grant unique abilities have also been added, and the tactical UI now supports more than 15 active abilities.
    [​IMG]The Long War Laser Pack, on the other hand, adds a new laser tier for XCOM's weaponry, which includes new variants for assault rifles, shotguns, cannons, sniper rifles, pistols, and SMGs. Each weapon features a new model and textures and comes with its own particle effects and sounds.
    These are the second and third packs of five from Long War that were announced back in April. The first was a Toolbox mod, which lets you configure camera rotation among other things, and the Alien Pack will be the fourth. It adds 10 new alien enemies. The fifth and final mod has not yet been announced. GameSpot will keep you updated as more is revealed.
    Long War also produced three mods at launch, which added submachine guns, new enemies, and a new development path for soldiers.
    Long War is the team that created the highly acclaimed "Long War" mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which mad the game's campaign longer and more difficult. XCOM 2 developer Firaxis partnered with Long War to bring mods to the alien invasion sequel.
    In addition to Long War's work, there have been some very interesting mods for XCOM 2. One modder added a puppy gun, which is a dog that shoots bullets, while another added the soothing voice of painter Bob Ross. There's even a mod that brings the iconic helmets of Star Wars for your soldiers to wear.
    You can see more mods in GameSpot's video, "7 Weird XCOM 2 Mods That Will Greatly Improve Your Game (Maybe)."


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